Venture Pill is your weekly dose of startups and venture capital. Sam and Brandon break down some of the most innovative startups in the news and interview founders and investors poised to make a splash in venture. Each dose ranges 25-45 minutes and is available on Spotify, Apple, and anywhere else you listen to podcasts. Sam Gordon graduated from the University of Texas at Austin with a degree in Finance and minor in Entrepreneurship. There, he started the Private Equity and Venture Capital Club for undergrads which opened his eyes to the world of venture. Since graduating in 2020, Sam has worked for venture-backed startup, Interplay Learning, the leading provider of simulation training for skilled workers. He continues to learn as much as he can about the operating side of a high-growth company, so he can scale his own one day. Outside of that, he consults part-time for Alumni Ventures, sourcing deals and supporting the investment team. Brandon Osian also graduated from the University of Texas at Austin with a degree in Marketing and MIS. He developed a passion for innovation and marketing and joined Dimensional Fund Advisors upon graduating in 2020. After a year there, he made the jump into venture, joining Alumni Ventures as an Investor Relations Manager. He has learned more about startups and venture capital in these beginning months than he could have ever imagined. Together, Brandon and Sam have been close friends since meeting Freshman year at UT. Little did they know they'd reconnect to build a podcast around a shared passion for startups and venture capital 5 years later. We hope you enjoy!
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