E100: Venture Pill’s 100th Episode Awards Show

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And now for this week’s prescription:

On this week’s dose, we celebrated Venture Pill’s 100th episode (!) with an awards show. Tune into this special episode to hear us reflect on our first 100 episodes and hand out well-deserved awards, starting with (4:56) the biggest round covered on the Pill. From there (8:20), we crown our favorite investor in Pill history. Then we transition into categorical best startup awards, kicking off with the food and drink category (11:53), then the best AI startup (16:53), followed by best sports startup (19:58), best space startup (24:39), best environmental startup (28:25), and lastly the best international startup (32:27). After the categorical awards (36:24), we picked a winner for the coolest startup in Pill history, which was a highly contested award. Next, we get into a pack of fun awards including best dose of the show (42:21), best phrase in show history (44:29), our favorite buzzword award (49:59), and last but not least, our favorite pun in show history (53:00). We had a blast recording our first ever Venture Pill awards show, and loved reflecting on all we’ve learned and laughed about over the past 100 weeks. Sit back, relax, and enjoy the show!

Music Credit: Chapter One by Cole Bauer and Dean Keeton


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E100: Venture Pill’s 100th Episode Awards Show
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