E106: Enhanced Games, HubSpot for Restaurants, and Sports XR

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And now for this week’s prescription:

On this week’s dose, (1:37) we start with a breakdown on the Enhanced Games, the modern reinvention of the Olympic Games that allows athletes to use performance enhancing drugs, and their multi-million dollar seed round that included funding from Peter Thiel, Balaji Srinivasan, and Christian Angermayer. Then (12:02), we cover Owner, the top rated, all-in-one platform that’s empowering restaurant owners to succeed online, and their recent $33M Series B. Lastly (18:18), we wrap up this week’s dose with StatusPro, a sports technology and gaming company that uses real-time player data to create authentic extended reality experiences, and their $20 million Series A.


Music Credit: Chapter One by Cole Bauer and Dean Keeton


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E106: Enhanced Games, HubSpot for Restaurants, and Sports XR
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