E108: Interview with Anouck Gotlib, CEO and Chief Belgian Girl of Belgian Boys

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And now for this week’s prescription:

On this week’s dose, we have Anouck Gotlib, CEO and Chief Belgian Girl of Belgian Boys, the company on a mission to turn up the happy, one sweet moment at a time.

Anouck had an awesome journey to becoming CEO of Belgian Boys. Her background is actually in fashion and design, and her entrepreneurial journey all started when she flew to NYC for a fashion internship. On the flight, she struck up a conversation with a guy named Greg. Fast forward to now, and Anouck and Greg are co founders and husband and wife. 

In the interview, you will hear more about Belgian Boys’ mission to spread joy, as well as Anouck’s favorite product, which also happens to be their best seller.

From there, we dive more into the business and what it’s been like bootstrapping in the CPG space and navigating the unforgiving world of retail. We also hear about their efforts to create a new category in the refrigerated aisle for breakfast foods.

We wrap up this week’s dose with a short discussion on the company’s investors, and specifically Daniel Lubetsky, the founder of KIND, as well as what she looks for in an investor, and then a little bit of advice for the pilgrims looking to start a business someday.

It was a pleasure hosting Anouck on this week’s dose, and we hope this conversation sweetens up everyone’s day as much as it did for us. 


Music Credit: Chapter One by Cole Bauer and Dean Keeton


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E108: Interview with Anouck Gotlib, CEO and Chief Belgian Girl of Belgian Boys
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