E111: Interview with Recurring Guest, Max Albert, Founder of AppStop

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And now for this week’s prescription:

On this week’s dose, we welcome back Max Albert, founder and CEO of Appstop, one of the leading mobile game studios focused on advergames.

We kicked off the interview with an update on SXSW and a breakdown on all the networking events Max attended within the advertising and broader tech and startup scene here in Austin.

From there, you’ll hear about Max’s thoughts on AI this year at SXSW and more broadly, as well as the latest with AppStop and the state of advergames as he sees it today.

Lots of laughs and cool stories shared in our first ever recurring guest interview. It was a pleasure having Max join us once again, we hope this is the start of a yearly tradition. Without further ado, here’s our conversation with Max.


Music Credit: Chapter One by Cole Bauer and Dean Keeton


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E111: Interview with Recurring Guest, Max Albert, Founder of AppStop
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