E116: Cobots, Dude Perfect, and Solar Innovation

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And now for this week’s prescription:

On this week’s dose, (1:45) we start off with a breakdown on Collaborative Robotics, a startup that makes robots that work alongside humans in all kinds of facilities, hot off a $100M Series B. Next, (6:44) we discuss Dude Perfect, the popular sports content brand that’s been making YouTube videos for 15 years, and their $100M+ fundraise. Lastly (18:25), we wrap up this week’s dose with Arcadia, a startup that makes it easy for companies and consumers to tap into community solar farms to save money and help the environment, fresh off a $50M growth round.


Music Credit: Chapter One by Cole Bauer and Dean Keeton


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E116: Cobots, Dude Perfect, and Solar Innovation
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