E97: Interview with Zach Olson, CEO and Founder of Treads

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And now for this week’s prescription:

On this week’s dose, we host Zach Olson, CEO and Founder of Treads, an AI-powered car management subscription platform we covered on Dose 94.

Zach's entrepreneurial journey spans over several years, starting with the establishment of a skateboard shop alongside his then-girlfriend and now wife. From there, he ventured into the technology realm, founding an accounting software company that he later successfully sold to KPMG. This experience ignited his passion for integrating technology into traditional industries, leading him to set his sights on revolutionizing the antiquated auto and tire sector.

Enter Treads, a startup that empowers people, much like ourselves, to have peace of mind regarding vehicle ownership and maintenance. Through a subscription model, Treads ensures that your tires and vehicle are always in optimal condition, covering repairs or replacements as needed.

In the interview, Zach sheds light on Treads' strategic positioning in the auto industry, and highlights some key milestones and goals on the horizon. Additionally, he articulates the long-term vision for Treads, aspiring to establish it as a household brand.

It was a pleasure and a blast to host Zach on this week’s dose, and we’re stoke to share our conversation with all of you. Tune in to hear more about Treads and its journey.


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E97: Interview with Zach Olson, CEO and Founder of Treads
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